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Chinese search engine Baidu unveils a prototype of its first unmanned electric vehicle


The doors open upwards, and a large multimedia screen is installed in the cabin.

Chinese internet giant Baidu held an annual conference at which it announced its expansion towards artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.

In recent years, the company has been trying to diversify its revenues from web services and advertising, focusing on hardware development. For example, Baidu has begun mass production of the next generation Kunlun 2 AI chips.

Baidu prototype  autohome.com.cn

The new chip formed the basis of the company’s first electric car, which was unveiled by CEO Roben Lee. The autonomous vehicle is equipped with doors that open upwards and a large multimedia screen in the cabin.

The screen is for entertainment. The system has a built-in function for recognizing the voice, face and gestures of people in the cabin. There are no steering wheels or pedals inside – the automatic control system corresponds to the fifth level autopilot and does not require driver control.

Salon prototype autohome.com.cn

The exact specifications have not yet been disclosed. It is known that the chip is manufactured using a 7-nm process technology and is designed to process large amounts of data and accelerate the operation of artificial intelligence systems.

In comparison, the first generation Kunlun delivered 260 trillion operations per second (TOPS) throughput while consuming just 150 watts. Kunlun 2 could be 2 to 3 times faster, hitting the industry’s largest accelerators.

Baidu has announced the launch of its own taxi service in major cities, including Guangzhou and Beijing. Users will be able to call an autonomous taxi through the Apollo Go app (Luobo Kuaipao) if they are in a suitable area.

Wei Dong, vice president of smart driving group, said the company plans to achieve mass commercial availability within 2-3 years. The cost of services has not yet been announced.

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