The most expensive Asian company is the chipmaker TSMC with a capitalization of $ 538 billion


Alibaba is in third place with a capitalization of $ 472 billion, writes CNBC, citing Refinitiv data.

Tencent’s capitalization has dropped by $ 170.2 billion since the beginning of July, Alibaba has lost $ 103.9 billion. Shares began to fall amid tightening requirements of the Chinese authorities for the collection and transmission of data by companies that are traded on foreign exchanges.

Alibaba and Tencent lost another $ 20 billion in capitalization in August, CNBC notes. The reason was the proposals of the Chinese regulator to combat competition on the Internet.

TSMC’s share price and capitalization are growing amid a semiconductor shortage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the newspaper writes. Because of it, the demand for the company’s products has grown from various industries – both automakers and data centers.

In April 2021, TSMC announced that it would spend $ 100 billion to expand its chip production in three years. TSMC is used by Apple, AMD, Qualcomm, Nvidia, automakers and many others. The microcircuits it produces are found in almost all modern technology, from smartphones and smart refrigerators to cars.

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