electric car

Chinese search engine Baidu unveils a prototype of its first unmanned electric vehicle

The doors open upwards, and a large multimedia screen is installed in the cabin. Chinese internet giant Baidu held an annual conference at which it announced its expansion towards artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. In recent years, the company has been trying to diversify its revenues from web services and advertising, focusing on hardware development. For example, Baidu […]

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The most expensive Asian company is the chipmaker TSMC with a capitalization of $ 538 billion

Alibaba is in third place with a capitalization of $ 472 billion, writes CNBC, citing Refinitiv data. Tencent’s capitalization has dropped by $ 170.2 billion since the beginning of July, Alibaba has lost $ 103.9 billion. Shares began to fall amid tightening requirements of the Chinese authorities for the collection and transmission of data by companies that are traded on foreign […]

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Greenest start-up: bucket boxes for plastic recycling at home and in the office

How scientists from Yakutia, researching plastic beetle insects, created a socially significant ecological startup “Xenos” . Beetles became “ambassadors” of the environmental project At first, a team of enthusiasts, consisting of two biologists and one ecologist Yevgeny Popov, Valeria Krivogornitsina, Ivan Sokolnikov, read the works of scientists from Korea, Japan, China, who talked about insects that can […]

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One developer and three countries: comparing Israel, the Netherlands and England

Usually we talk about moving to one country and compare it with Russia. Now let’s compare three of them at once! Our heroine has a varied experience. She was born in Russia, lived in Tel Aviv for 11 years, moved to Amsterdam and recently moved to London. Let us analyze Israel, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom on […]

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As gold prices fall, there’s still not enough gloom to trigger a buy signal

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Notwithstanding gold’s $100 plunge over the last week, we still don’t have a contrarian buy signal. That’s because the prevailing mood in the gold market GC00, -0.07% is not yet sufficiently pessimistic. Though gold traders have become more cautious over the last week, they haven’t completely thrown in the towel. Only when they do […]

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Bitcoin jumps to nearly 3-month high as crypto attempts to clear next hurdle at $51,000

Bitcoin was trading near highs not seen since mid-May on Monday, as the world’s most prominent crypto and the rest of the digital-asset complex staged a recovery from recent lows. At last check, bitcoin BTCUSD, -0.22% was changing hands at $46,037, up 3.4% on CoinDesk and substantially higher since its nadir beneath $30,000 hit in late July. According […]

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it cities

Best IT cities in Brazil, Israel and other countries

Six alternatives, local startups and government support – in Rest of World retelling . Lagos, Nigeria The largest city in the country, its cultural, industrial and technological center. It is home to the oldest bank in Nigeria and the largest local film studio. According to statistics, 77 people from different cities of the country move here every hour. The popular […]

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How the idea of ‘​​Budget’ came out

The storm of discussion and criticism about the budget started even before the budget came. Thousands of advices or recommendations in each sector. But how this budget process came about or when it started is quite interesting. The word ‘budget’ originates from the word ‘bogeti’. It is a Greek word. Which means wallet, where money […]

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payment agency

The importance of payment agency services

Developing a business online and then collecting it is the most important factor, but it is difficult for small businesses to directly conclude a contract with a credit card company. For this reason, it is possible to introduce a payment agency service and implement various payment methods even for small companies, and accelerate more businesses. […]

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