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China’s CoronaVac vaccine has been found to be 96% effective on children and adolescents, mild side effects


A study involving the CoronaVac vaccine from China before the third wave of Covid has shown some satisfactory results. The results of the CoronaVac, which is currently on trial, show that it is effective on children. According to a report in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, the effect was seen on children aged 3-17 years. It was found that 96 per cent of the children who received the vaccine developed antibodies against covid.

It is feared that the third wave of Kovid will affect children. It is also very important for children to get vaccinated. Pfizer-Bioentech, Modern’s covid vaccine has already been shown to be effective in children.

A total of 550 children were tried

According to the information received, a total of 550 youths were tested on the CoronaVac vaccine. Children and adolescents who received both doses of the CoronaVac vaccine received covid antibodies within 96 per cent of them.

No serious side effects of CoronaVac vaccine have been reported. Some just complained of pain at the injection site. Other reactions were also mild or moderate. According to the Lancet, this was its first clinical trial. Which took place between October-December 2020. A total of two doses of CoronaVac vaccine are given. In the trial, the amount was tested at 1.5 and 3 micrograms.

In the first step, all participants receiving a 1.5 ोग्रामg vaccine dose developed covid antibodies. Covid antibodies were also developed in all participants taking the 3 microgram vaccine dose. Then in the second phase, 97 per cent of those taking 1.5 microgram vaccine dose and 100 per cent of those taking 3 microgram vaccine dose developed covid antibodies. It is learned that there will be further trials, in which it will be tested on a large group.

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