Fake vaccination certificate, NADRA’s claim of ‘fool proof system’


Pakistan has seen a record increase in the number of vaccinators following the increase in cases of corona virus and the lack of vaccinations, while cases of fake vaccine certificates or fake entry are also emerging. These incidents are not only endangering the health of other citizens but also create difficulties for Pakistanis traveling abroad due to dubious certificates issued in the country. For the past several days, fake corona vaccination certificates have been offered through WhatsApp and social media for money. Citizens are registered, but they get a certificate without being vaccinated.

In this regard, several cases have been registered in Karachi, Quetta and Lahore and arrests have also been made. In Islamabad too, Urdu News has come to know about at least two such cases where the hospital staff did not vaccinate. Citizens were entered in the system of NADRA for the certificate.

In these cases, the citizens insisted that they should not be vaccinated to avoid the side effects of the vaccine, but a certificate is required to avoid air travel and mobile SIM blocking. It may be recalled that complaints of fake corona vaccine certificates have been reported from several countries including Bangladesh and Russia. When contacted by Urdu News in this regard, the spokesman of the Federal Ministry of Health Sajid Shah said that so far the ministry has not received any complaint from Islamabad in which a fake entry has been made in the system of NADRA without vaccination.

He said that in order to be vaccinated, the citizens have to first register on 1166 on which they get the code and then they go to separate centers for the two doses where they are entered and verified and then the vaccine is given.

When he was told that even after entering the citizen’s ID card number and other data in the system, the vaccine would not be vaccinated, the citizen could get the vaccine certificate from the NADRA system, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health said that the system is quite foolproof. This is very difficult to do.

However, he said that fake certificate messages do come on social media but they cannot affect the system.
Acting District Health Officer of Islamabad, Dr. Zulfiqar, said that so far not a single case has reached him where a fake registration has been made in the federal capital.

NADRA spokesperson Naz Shoaib while talking to Urdu News said that the Ministry of Health takes steps to prevent fake registrations but NADRA has made it possible for a common man to The phone can detect the authenticity or forgery of any vaccination certificate.

He said that every vaccination certificate issued by NADRA system has a QR code which is scanned by the camera of the mobile phone and then the name, passport number and other data of the real owner of the certificate is displayed on it. It is not possible for someone to work by entering their name etc. on someone else’s certificate.
However, despite claims by NADRA and the Ministry of Health, complaints of fake certificates continue to surface across the country.

According to Tauseef Razi, correspondent of Urdu News from Karachi, apart from making fake Corona vaccination certificate, incidents of illegal vaccination were also reported and FIR was registered against the accused.
In early July, a scandal erupted in Karachi’s largest vaccination center, the Expo Center, over the issue of forged certificates, in which people were vaccinated for Rs 2,000. One person was arrested, but police believe more were involved.

Police later went door-to-door in the Clifton Defense area to expose a group of people who were vaccinating illegally and selling government vaccines at exorbitant prices.

Two officials of the medical home service company were arrested on suspicion that the group was operating with the connivance of Karachi Central District Health Department officials. The accused were administering a dose of Pfizer vaccine for Rs 15,000.

Dr Sarmad Khan of Anti-Corona Cell Balochistan told Ardonews correspondent Zainuddin that complaints of issuing fake certificates without vaccinating Corona update have been received in Balochistan, which the health department has taken stern notice of.

He said that cameras have been installed in vaccination centers and certificate issuing offices to make the corona vaccine certification process transparent and monitored.

People in Balochistan complained that despite issuing both doses of the vaccine, the certificate was not issued in time and the names of the vaccine were incorrectly entered in the certificate.

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