What is hidden by advertising for the profession of a programmer?


This year we fell for advertising the profession of a programmer. Self-isolation and the emerging anxiety about the future had an impact. This story is about my spouse, who regarded this advertisement as an opportunity to change his profession and become a sought-after specialist in the labor market. But in fact, it turned out that advertising promises are beautiful bait, the only task of which is to charge tuition fees.

So, in January 2021, we paid for training in a large and very well-known 1C franchise company. The two of us conferred and chose 1C, since the same C ++ or Python courses promise a lot, but on the hh.ru website it is immediately clear that you need to know several programming languages ​​to work. And some employers immediately write that online courses and just courses are not quoted. In some vacancies, those who have completed courses altogether are asked not to respond.

Even when choosing 1C, it was taken into account that having experience as a lawyer will help to competently solve accounting problems, where an understanding of the basics of PBU is required. And also lawyers have a very well-developed logic, which made it possible to quickly understand the logic of building algorithms and the configuration of 1C.

Thus, our choice was focused on programming 1C. When choosing, we analyzed the labor market, everything seemed very promising: every month it publishes a huge number of vacancies, the competition is not high, and the salary level is good, which justifies the efforts. The choice was also influenced by a huge number of expert articles about 1C programming and stories about someone else’s positive experience.

1C programmer vacancies: many of them are published, salaries are high and many have a mark that you will be the first

And so the training began. My husband went to classes from January to May. But disappointment came almost immediately. Groups are recruited at random and experienced programmers who came for a certificate and beginners who came for knowledge gather in one audience. Discrimination immediately manifested itself: no one was waiting for newcomers, no answers were given to questions. The most revealing point was that when the natural request to show a little slower, it was said that it is important to have time to read the material, and not explain.

In general, in the courses, the teachers simply showed everything according to the manual and did not really bother about whether the students understood them at all or not.

For this reason, in addition to courses, active work on self-study was required, thanks to a large number of expert articles and training videos))

In general, the training was completed in May. We spent 50 thousand rubles on this business and all our free time. Then the question arose about obtaining a certificate, so we purchased access to the simulator program for 2800, and after preparation, an exam was passed, which is also paid and costs 800 rubles per attempt.

And then the fun began – job search

And this is where the real problems began. It turned out that without experience it is not so easy to get a job! Despite the fact that there are many vacancies on hh.ru with good salaries for specialists without experience, these positions require people with specialized higher education in It. And for those positions where specialized education is not required, at the interview, interrogation is carried out with preference, where it turns out that without real experience, in general, they do not take.

But on the other hand, specialists without experience are willingly hired by franchisee companies, who in the job description set an attractive salary rate, conduct several stages of interviews and at the last stage report that their salaries are based on the hourly system, where only effective hours are taken into account.

The scheme is as follows: the wage rate is 300-500 rubles per hour, but it does not depend on the actual time spent. You can solve the problem for 4 hours, but only 1 hour will be taken into account. Thus, a full-time salary for a young specialist does not exceed 10,000 rubles per month.

At the same time, so that a person does not gain experience in the first 3-4 months and does not leave, for the first time he drives around the city with flash drives and solves small problems that are not of high value in terms of gaining real experience.

Also, in franchisee companies, young professionals are forced to write expert articles and shoot videos. Moreover, in your free time from work, you need to prepare for the delivery of more and more certificates, which do not in any way increase competence, since the questions are purely theoretical and strange.

It turns out an interesting picture: a graduate of the courses who has mastered the material cannot apply for positions with an adequate wage rate. It turned out that without experience it is not realistic to reach at least 40 thousand. You need to work for a year for a dozen and then the question of the expediency of further application of efforts inevitably arises.

From every iron we hear about staff shortages and a shortage of 1C specialists, but large companies want already experienced employees, and specialists without experience are forced to work for an amount that does not even cover the costs of food.

Harsh realities

As a result, we have the following picture: a well-functioning business operates in the educational services market. First, a person is charged a tuition fee, the formalism of which and disregard for students are off the charts.

Then a person enters the labor market and realizes that all promises of high wages are a fairy tale and a lie. A person is left with only one way – the way in the company of franchisees, who happily accept wages fluctuating in the vicinity of the cost of living.

In these companies, they squeeze everything out of him, hiding behind a screen of gaining invaluable experience. But in fact, the person is significantly underpaid and the company extracts income from him both at the stage of training and at the stage of work.

If a person can live a year at such a pace and he has passive sources of income, then such a scheme with a salary of 10 thousand can still work. But if a person does not have an inflow of funds necessary for life during the term of work in franchisee companies, then the fundamental possibility of entering the labor market in a new specialty disappears.

How did it end in our case?

In our case, everything ended well, the spouse returned to the main profession, since it is not possible to become a 1C programmer at a normal salary. Work for 10 thousand was regarded by us as a mockery and belittling of human dignity.


This article was written for those who are considering the possibilities of retraining, but do not know all the pitfalls that are insurmountable obstacles on the way. Do not get fooled by advertising courses, do not forget that starting from scratch in a new profession is not as easy as they are trying to convince us of this.

Hate wave

I expected that the companies themselves might hate me, but I never expected that people would assert themselves in the comments based on the example of personal experience described in this post. “How dare you wish to earn a normal income without working on galleys and without tightening your belt?”

In discussions about our infantilism, the very message of the note was lost , the essence of which is that people are deliberately misled in advertising.

You can criticize me and other people as much as you want, but the problem is that companies are deliberately misleading, and society tends to blame the people who allowed themselves to be confused.

It’s easy to laugh at someone else’s failure. But believe me, writing about your failure is also not so easy!

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