How much will Messi earn at PSG? Collected all the insights and compared it with the salary at Barca


Messi flew to Paris. We’ll see Leo wearing the new club’s jersey very soon.

One of the most discussed questions of recent days: how much Messi will receive in Paris?

A collection of insights on this topic:

• The Athletic version: PSG signs Lionel for two years from salary of 25 million euros + signature bonus (the same 25 million). 

• L’Equipe version: 2 + 1 contract with salary € 40 million net (if you count with taxes, it comes out to 58 million).

• Fabrizio Romano reports 35 million euros per year including bonuses with a 2 + 1 contract. 

L’Équipe journalist Florent Torschu outlined that Messi and PSG had a particularly thorough discussion of the distribution of image rights and bonuses (especially those related to results). And here there was an addiction: the more rights to the image Messi kept for himself, the less the salary was received. 

How much did Messi make at Barça?

The money that Leo offered at PSG is incomparable to the amount he received at Barcelona. In his last four-year contract, Messi received 284 million euros after taxes. For the year, the Argentine earned 71 million euros. 

If Lionel had signed a new contract with Barcelona, ​​where he would have gone for a 50% reduction in wages, then 35.5 million euros would have come out per year – about the same figures with which we have been flooded over the past few days.

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