Khabib is getting closer to football – Legion-Dynamo (will play in the Cup with Ufa)


Khabib loves football: as a child, he rooted for Spartak Moscow and even dreamed of a player’s career. Now the fighter is 33, and he does not want to return to MMA, but increasingly talks about football. Back in June, the Makhachkala club Legion-Dynamo showed interest in Khabib, and recently hinted at signing a contract. 

A photo appeared on the club’s official instagram where the president of Legion-Dynamo Shamil Lakhiyalov is shaking Khabib’s hand at a table with some papers on it. 

“Our Legion is in for a great battle, for which we need great warriors. We are preparing to receive the RPL team together with Khabib Nurmagomedov, ”the publication says.

In his personal account, Lakhiyalov re-posted the photo and intrigued the fans even more:

“FNL, Premier League, think before you visit us. Strengthening ahead of the elite round of the Russian Cup. Khabib, did you ask for motivation? We did our best. Take your seats. “

Legion-Dynamo is a team from Makhachkala, which plays in the PFL, the third most powerful division. But in the Cup of Russia the club will face stronger rivals: Makhachkala residents have already defeated their fellow countrymen from Anji, and at the group stage they will fight with Alania from the FNL and Ufa from the RPL. 

Earlier, Lakhiyalov stated that he watched the cuts of Khabib’s game and sees him as a striker. The fighter himself believed that at 33 it was too late to start a career, but he would like to leave a mark on football. 

After a resonant photo on Instagram, Lakhiyalov confirmed that he and Khabib had reached an agreement, but declined to comment on the details

“When will we see Khabib on the field? By mutual agreement, we are not commenting on anything yet. Until September 7, it will be clear when our transfer window ends, but there are very significant shifts in this matter.

Playing in the cup will be our main motivational trump card. We told him that we did everything he asked of us, we brought the FNL team and the RPL team to Dagestan. There was no conversation on the number yet, but 29, I think, would suit him perfectly. We will work in this direction ”.

Khabib is closely connected with football: in his youth he was a real geek and even wanted to become a football player. He still remembers the names of old-school players, and is friends with some (for example, with Cristiano Ronaldo).

“I love football since childhood and have always dreamed of becoming a football player. But I was born in Dagestan, and there you yourself know what is in priority. Someday I will tell you about my hobby for football as a child, as I, sitting in the 6th grade, wrote 200 football names on a notebook, although there was no Internet then, ”the fighter said.

When Khabib was asked about his professional football debut, he answered ambiguously: 

“There is such a desire, this is my dream. With whom I just did not communicate on this score: with the president of UEFA Čeferin, the owner of PSG, with Cristiano Ronaldo. “Spartacus”? Sure, cool, but it’s local. Dream club is “Real!”

Khabib ended his MMA career in 2020, and often plays football in his free time. In June, he posted a video on Instagram: on it, the UFC champion beat an opponent at speed and scored a goal, and under the post he compared himself to the late Ronaldo.

By the way, Nibbler even showed up in the commentary – which caused Khabib’s delight.

On August 25, at the group stage of the Russian Cup, Legion-Dynamo will play with Alania. And residents of Vladikavkaz should be wary: an unknown forward may appear in the opponent’s attack, with whom they will have to fight.

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