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Apple Presentation, Facebook and Ray-Ban Glasses, End of Galaxy Note Era

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We are talking about the main news of the week in the podcast of the ForGeeks telegram channel . Today a special guest is Anastasia Kuznetsova, IT PR manager and host of the podcast Women on Fire . We are discussing what Apple will show on September 14, when Yandex unmanned taxis will drive around Moscow, why Facebook needs glasses for capturing stories, and why Samsung will no longer make Galaxy Note. Listen, read and subscribe .Discuss92 view

Apple will make a presentation on September 14

Apple sent out invitations to reporters for the September 14 event. The presentation will take place on September 14, 2021 at 20:00 Moscow time.

In addition to the iPhone 13, Apple is expected to show the Apple Watch Series 7. And, according to rumors, the new watch will change slightly in size. Apple is said to have resolved production issues with the Apple Watch Series 7 and will begin mass production of the new model in mid to late September, with a late month launch on track. Earlier it was reported that the clock may be delayed due to malfunctions at the factories.

We are also looking forward to the AirPods Pro update, which is almost two years old. The new MacBooks are likely to be unveiled at a separate event in October or November, as will the new iPad mini.

Yandex will launch an unmanned taxi in Yasenevo

Yandex announced that unmanned taxis will soon be operating in the south of Moscow, in the Yasenevo area . So far, the exact launch date is unknown. Taxis will operate without drivers behind the wheel. To try an unmanned taxi, you will need to pre-register and apply. The company will gradually open up access to new users.

We are preparing to launch testing of the first unmanned taxi in Moscow and invite you to take part in it. Cars will carry passengers in the Yasenevo area in the south of the capital, in the vicinity of the Yasenevo, Novoyasenevskaya and Bitsevsky Park metro stations. At the first stage, rides by unmanned taxis will be available to a limited number of users. You can be the first to try our service. To do this, we ask you to fill out an application, and after a while we will contact you.

To sign up for testing Yandex unmanned taxis in Yasenevo, follow the link .

Samsung does not renew Galaxy Note trademark rights

The Galaxy Note line is ten years old this year. However, she was not destined to celebrate her tenth anniversary. Initially, rumors circulated on the network that the company had buried the smartphone due to low demand and the lack of any functions that favorably distinguished it from other flagships of the company. Samsung later confirmed that there was no need to wait for a 2021 update to the Galaxy Note series.

Samsung now owns brands like Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy S and Galaxy Z, with the latter being particularly popular. Samsung took the foldable smartphone segment seriously and its third generation debuted in August.

Facebook made Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

The $ 299 Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses , created by Facebook, are available in 20 variations. The glasses are equipped with two 5-megapixel cameras for first-person photography. They connect to a smartphone for calls, music playback, and photo sharing using voice commands.

The glasses are designed with privacy in mind, with built-in features for control and peace of mind. A microsite has been developed to describe the privacy features in detail. Facebook claims that the glasses play a shutter sound and flash an LED every time a photo is taken. This should warn others about taking photos or videos, so as not to violate the rights of people.

Unlike Snap Spectacles , an obvious competitor to Ray-Ban Stories, these glasses can play audio and be used for calls. In addition, there is a built-in voice assistant that allows some control without interacting with a smartphone or glasses.

Spotify will customize playlists for you with the new Enhance feature

Spotify offers more personalized playlists with improved recommendations. The streaming service has announced a new feature designed to make your playlists more personal. The new feature will add matching recommendations to your existing playlist. Only Spotify Premium subscribers can access the new option. The streaming service said the Enhance feature aims to add “perfect song recommendations” to your new or existing list.

Starting today, Sporify Premium users will see an Upgrade button at the top of each playlist. After clicking on a function, up to 30 song recommendations will be added to your playlist. Recommendations will be displayed after every two tracks. It should be noted that song suggestions are not intended to replace the current tracks on your list. In Russia, of course, it will not work yet.


PlayStation Showcase: Spider-Man 2, KOTOR Remake & More News

Sony unveiled an extensive PlayStation Showcase this Thursday . Two new Marvel games from Insomniac have been announced, a remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and a Gran Turismo 7 release date in March. This is the first significant news from Sony since it decided to skip several major industry events in 2021.

The main surprise was BioWare’s 2003 remake of the cult RPG Knights of the Old Republic, considered by many to be the best Star Wars game ever made. It is currently being developed as a PS5 and PC exclusive (at least at launch). It is a collaboration between Lucasfilm, Sony and Aspyr Media. The release date of the game is still unknown.

Another major discovery from the presentation was that Insomniac is expanding the Marvelverse with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 due out in 2023, as well as a game starring Wolverine. Marvel’s Wolverine is still in its early stages of production. The developers provided only the CG of Wolverine, the release date is also unknown.

Gran Turismo 7 Announced: The game’s release date is set for March 4 on PS4 and PS5, and a trailer has already been provided to players. Santa Monica Studio showed the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, however, there is still no release date for the game. Naughty Dog announced that Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy are coming to PC and PS5 for the first time. Finally, viewers of the presentation received a highly anticipated video of the gameplay of Forspoken, a massive third-person adventure previously announced by Square Enix.

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