Apple will update cameras in future iPhones and add portrait mode for video recording

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And also a function for shooting video in high quality and a new filter system.

  • Apple’s next line of iPhones will receive at least three camera features, which the company believes will be a reason to move to new models, Bloomberg writes, citing sources familiar with the matter.
  • These include Portrait mode for video recording, a higher quality video recording function called ProRes, and a filter system to improve the look and color of photos.
  • ProRes will allow you to shoot video in HD and 4K resolution and will be similar to ProRaw for capturing high quality photos. Filters will allow you to change objects in photos using AI, and not completely the photo.
  • According to sources, the new model will go on sale in the next few weeks – in September. In addition to new camera features, they will include a new A15 chip, a smaller on-screen notch for the camera and updated technologies for smoother screen scrolling.
  • Apple first added Portrait Mode to the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. The function allows you to blur the background, making the image of a person clearer.

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