EV Expo 2021:Starting tomorrow, the event will see 80 companies, mostly battery makers; A bike running 150km in 48 thousand can get headlines

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The 11th Electric Vehicle Expo is starting from 6 August in the country’s capital New Delhi. This event will run till August 8. Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate the expo. This will also be the first expo to be held in the country since February 2020. During this event, many companies of the country will present their e-vehicles, batteries and accessories related to them.

Since 2015, this event is being organized by Altius Auto Solutions company. Let us know from the founder of the company, Rajiv Arora , how the event is going to be this time …

How is this event organized?
Altius Auto Solution organizes this expo. The event is supported by the Ministry of Road Transport, ICAT, MSME, NSIC. Altius has been organizing this event continuously since 2015. The last event was held in 2019. It was not organized in 2020 due to the Corona epidemic. For this time we have got all the preparations done.

How many companies are attending the expo this time?
A total of 80 companies are participating in the expo. There are also 4 companies from China and Japan, but all of them have their offices in our country. Although about 200 companies participate in the expo every year, up to 40 percent of the companies are outside, but this time due to Kovid, fewer companies are joining.

Where will the focus of most companies be at the expo?
The government has increased the subsidy on e-scooters to one and a half times last month. That is, where earlier there was a discount of Rs 10,000 per kilowatt battery, it has been increased to Rs 15,000. For this reason, the focus of most companies has shifted towards e-scooters. In this, about 20 companies will be of e-scooters. At the same time, some companies are joining e-rickshaws and e-autos. However, no company manufacturing electric four-wheelers is coming.

How many battery makers are attending the event?
Now the production of e-scooters is increasing, due to which the number of companies making batteries is also increasing. However, the subsidy that the government is getting is being given only on lithium batteries. For this reason, about 25 companies related to lithium batteries can participate in the expo.

Will there be an affordable e-bike and e-scooter launch at the event?
Altius is also bringing family bikes like Splendor in this expo. It will be launched at the event on 6th August. With subsidy, it will cost around Rs 48,000. This bike will give a range of 140 to 150 km after single charging. Similarly, the company is also launching an electric scooter, which will give a range of up to 110 km on a single charge. With this subsidy, the customer will get around Rs 35,000.

What has been prepared for the visitors at the expo?

According to the guidelines issued by the government, one visitor will be able to come per 3 square meters. At the same time, this event is being done in 5500 square meters. So accordingly the entry will be given to the visitors. Entry will be absolutely free for the visitors. Efforts will be made that the visitors who have seen the vehicles will be taken out of the hall.

Why do people switch to e-vehicles?
The demand for e-vehicles is increasing rapidly amid rising petrol prices. They are also good for the environment. If we compare petrol and e-scooter, then any scooter running on petrol costs up to Rs 2 per km. At the same time, e-wheels cost 10 paise per km. The biggest thing is that there is no maintenance in it. So in such a situation, more and more people should go towards e-scooters.

What has changed at the Expo since 2015?
In 2015, 80 percent of the displays were of Chinese products. E-rickshaws, two-wheelers, four-wheelers were all imported from China. By the time 2019 came, these things were completely reversed. Now the displays of Chinese companies in the expo are not even 20 percent. That is, not only the vehicle, but the components used in it are now being made in India itself.

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