Several times I paid for goods at Eldorado that were not actually available

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It all started on 09/01/21 ordered household appliances, in one order, in the amount of ~ 62,000 rubles (hob, oven and dishwasher), everything is as usual. Since the kitchen will be installed for me at the end of the month, I chose delivery “later” so that the equipment would not take up extra space. Then it still seemed to me that there should be no problems with a banal purchase of equipment. I sit with a contented face – I’m waiting.

Probably everyone is faced with the fact that when you start to choose something, it takes mountains of time: 1. First, you choose what you want. 2. You forget that you are hunting and start choosing from what you can really buy with the least body movements. Since my choice ended, I exhaled a little – since I closed the topic (so I thought) …

Second act.

I have been thinking about buying a Playstation 5 for a long time, and now it seems to have matured. Now bonuses for equipment will be credited to them just in the “curling iron” – I thought. And just at Eldorado the order of the PS5 begins – good luck! I left a request, I won’t say exactly how many days have passed, but the operator called me and offers to issue a PS5 on the condition that I buy an additional joystick from the top and make a payment within an hour. The operator said that the “curling iron” will come on 7.09, wait! Okay, I didn’t manage to write off the bonuses, well, I’ll figure out where to put them … I paid for the “curling iron” I sit with a happy face – I’m waiting.

Act three.

I decided to see that everything was fine with the orders for household appliances, so that when the time came it wouldn’t surprise me too much, and I was amazed as soon as I entered my personal account. An order of 3 items is divided into 2 orders, in one there is a hob (status: The order has been sent for execution), in the second there is an oven and a dishwasher (status: Changed, confirmation is required. – or something like that).

Did not understand! I go to the cart to clarify what is actually going on?

And in this spirit we continue … the result of the conversation was: Your appeal was recorded under the number 5736339

Well, I ordered a lot in advance, so what is there to worry about, let them solve the problem.

For several days, they persuade me to cancel the order, as a result, I found the same dishwasher, in another place, ordered it, Eldorado accrued 2,000 bonuses, reissued the order on 14.09, leftover equipment (hob and oven) should arrive.

Act four.

09/07 has arrived – I’m rubbing my hands happily in anticipation of getting the PS5.

The time is 21:00, I didn’t receive any SMS, no one called … I’m starting to find out, no one knows anything.

But already on 8.09 – “Curling” did not come, no one called, or explained anything, well, okay, again everything by myself …

How long or short, the operator replies: Recorded your appeal, its number – ID 5738375

As a result, the operator calls me, says that the order is not possible to fulfill, let’s re-register it and on 12.09 the “curling iron” will definitely come. Well, okay, let’s wait some more.

Fifth act.

He began preparatory work for the installation of the kitchen (it is necessary to re-install the laminate in the kitchen), in general, all the rules, but in the process of transporting furniture and equipment, a glass teapot was smashed – like a trifle, but not pleasant.

I went to the Eldorado website, ticked the box “You can pick it up in 15 minutes”, chose from what is (and the assortment, say, well, not a fountain), added express delivery (the one that is by taxi) (and here’s 2k bonuses came in handy) and continued to renew laminate. The laminate is already on the floor, and no one called me for the kettle. I go to my personal account, Order status 262916372. and there:

The first thing that popped into my head was: “Are you joking right ???”.

Telegram, come here!

How long or short: Fixed your appeal -5739693

Dear Eldorado, if you see my post, I want to ask you a question: Do you think that such a level of service is normal? Each time, instead of trying to solve the problem and offer the client some kind of normal solution, you can only offer to cancel the order.

Three orders and out of three, so-so statistics …


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